YouTube and Instagram for your business

Without any doubt, the internet is the big thing around the world. What makes it even more interesting are the different social media networking sites like Instagram and YouTube that have made millions of internet users worldwide stuck with their smartphones and mobile devices by the minute.

These two platforms are not new to any user of the internet but for the purpose of persons that are not too familiar with the social media world, we would love to mention some few things about YouTube and Instagram, which would make it even easier to sink the benefits of the two platforms into our brains.

YouTube is a somewhat unique social media platform that lets users create an account and subsequently upload videos. These videos could either be used for the purpose of promoting a brand or product in the case of business corporations, or for personal reasons where people decide to post videos about themselves and their exploits.

Instagram is also a unique social media platform as it uses photos to achieve probably the same purpose of YouTube. What makes the platform even more interesting is the fact that short videos can be uploaded and for both platforms, there are apps available on smartphones and mobile devices that allows users to always be up to date with the latest happenings on their accounts and those of their friends.

Your business and social media

As mentioned earlier, social media and social media marketing have become tools of brand promotion with businesses leveraging on the market available on these sites to promote their wares.

When a business is able to open an account on both of these sites, it is important to get a good hold of the parameters used in order to rank high among peers. For Instagram, followers are used to assess the popularity and acceptance of an account. In the case of YouTube, it is about the number of views a video is able to get. Basically, the more the views, the more popular a video and even account is perceived to be.

Having said this, businesses look for ways of getting free YouTube views and free Instagram followers for particularly two reasons. On one hand, getting free YouTube views and free Instagram followers helps to cut cost especially advertising cost. On the other hand, when businesses are able to get free Instagram followers for their account and free YouTube views for their uploaded videos, they get the benefit of being on social media and using the marketing technique that has been able to transform the businesses of many worldwide.